Monday, 14 September 2009

Brand new week

Been procrastinating, to update this blog and not "in real life". Things have been hectic around uni lately. The kind of hectic that I love. There's nothing more blissful than some good old positive stress. We've got 2 assignments to submit on week 11 and we will be interviewing HR managers and employees next week. This is exciting! You know, I'll get the opportunity to pretend that I'm a serious and totally sense-of-humour-less person, which I'm obviously not. Ha! You guys know me, I can never keep a straight face long enough.

Ah well, dudettes and dudes, I'll leave you guys with a couple of pictures, taken on Saturday at Plaza, Rose Hill where Jev and I played an awesome match of... wait for it... scrabble! And yeah I lost! 
Have a great week ahead dudettes and dudes. Don't we have a public holiday anytime soon? Argh!


  1. you went all the way there to play scrabble?!
    any ordinary couple would al manz ene halim soi ene dewa apres frekenter derier plaza, but i guess extraordinary ones prefer to exercize their brains rather than their tongues. oh well.
    i envy your hectic life :S

  2. "good old positive stress"


    I am missing this stress rather than suffering from work stress...

  3. @ Keli lol! We've had some tongue exercise all right. We wanted to try out something different for once! Hihi!

    @ Asheshr, relax a little. Work stress is not worth it if it does not bring in positive outcomes. :D

  4. Haha that was one cool day, huh? I'm good at scrabble. :p

  5. Yeah you're good at scrabble. I wouldn't have thought! :u

  6. Connie, wai! Ti top! Sof ki ti p faire imper frais laba!