Wednesday, 30 September 2009

How a flu took away my weekend.

Wednesday - On my way back from uni, I sat next to a girl who was sneezing like crazy. Oh that was a hell of a sneeze! I think that was what infected me.

Friday - I was happy that I did not fall sick and told my sister how I've survived this winter without catching a single flu and she was totally certain that I'll have it now that I've bragged about not having caught the flu.
Friday night, guess what? I had sore throat.

Saturday - The sore throat was still here and the nose was running like a damned open tap.

Sunday - The sore throat was gone, running nose remained plus I had a bad cough and fever.

Monday - The fever was still here and the bad cough remained.

Tuesday - I only had the cough.

Wednesday, today - I almost went to uni with a 5-day greasy hair. But I couldn't do this to myself, so I washed the damned hair.

On the overall I hated being sick, all I did during those days were playing poker and watching dumb Disney channel ado TV shows and I missed so much classes...

Anyway, I guess I'm recovering great. Take care dudettes and dudes and don't catch the flu! It's awful.


  1. OOOOh!!! See! That's why you should remain faaaaaar from people who dun't seem so well...... :O

    Well, it seems things are getting better.... =)

  2. @Metroboy, I'll now actually listen to people when they'll tell me to stay away from people who look unwell! Hehe!

  3. I see your bad week as my future bad week. Looks like I caught the flu too. I'll let you guess from who. haha

    I'm off to take some pills. It's so irritating when your throat is sore.

  4. take care morinn...^^ bizin manze bocou zoranges aster

  5. Ohh... thats perhaps part of the reason why you were not active in the blogosphere :(
    Get well soon!

    @Jevin : haha! U should have put ur mask before kissing :P

  6. Being ill sucks :( Hope you get well really soon.

    I was down with the flu some time ago. I didn't go to work for a whole week. Fever, bad cough, flu, running nose... you named it and I had it!
    I even fainted in the pharmacy while going to buy my medication. Hahaha now that was embarrassing!

  7. aie aie aie aie..
    what an irony :(

    hehe hope u in mange bcp zorange :p get well soon.

  8. grrr your little story sounds like an horror movie scenario!
    now i'd say i haven't caught flu this winter but i won't ;)
    take care
    p.s i can't believe you haven't been ill all through winter, i mean you're always ill!! so how come.

  9. Je ne suis jamais malde moi! Je ne devrais pas dire cela mais parfois j'aimerai bien attraper un petit rhume. (LOL! Je suis sure que si je tombe vraiment malade, je regretterai d'avori dit cela.) ^^

  10. That's why you took a leave from the blogosphere too! A well-deserved one I should say. Wish you a speedy recovery love...Take care...