Friday, 11 September 2009

Loving Friday

There's a reason why most people love Friday; it's all about the few hours of freedom that it promises to us. Friday announces the weekend, Saturday is the weekend and a day off from anything that has been keeping you busy during the week and Sunday is well, the time to rest and get ready to face Monday. So that must be why my favourite day remains Friday, even though I've got classes tomorrow.

Anyway, today, Friday, I got a few gifts that cheered me up. First it's Avon's glimmerstick eye liner. The colour is "majestic plum", that is dark purple and I love it. Next is Maybelline's black nail varnish and I totally love it!
On another note, yesterday evening, I spent some quality moment with my pets. The cat stayed perched on a coconut tree and the dogs were super excited by I don't know what. 
On the whole we all had fun, for the dogs I could tell by all the playful bites that they gave me. Ah dogs! Can't live without them!

So long dudettes and dudes! Have a wonderful Friday night.


  1. I love every day the same way. haha Okay I'm kidding.

    I like Friday's but they tend to be stressful for me, cause it implies not being in the office for the next 2 days, which implies not being able to fix anything for 2 days.

    Anyway I was dead tired today at work. Even now I am. Think I overslept...

  2. Overslept or underslept? :P Can't wait to spend the day with you tomorrow Jev!

  3. the maybelline thing looks brown :S
    i really like all the days the same, its all holidayyysssssssss :)
    happie yippie weekend!

  4. @ keli yeah the flash did make the nail varnish look brown. argh! Happy holidays girl! :D

  5. I like friday koz it is less stressful, no classic wear, just a simple tshirt and a jean will do!

    It clearly announces the "few free hours" as u said.

    Friday is also the sign for "some plan boire" or to be more 'high class', we say "Ene plan suffren/caudan?" :P


  6. ^^i only love saturdays as it the only day where am sure there will be no work :)

    have a nice weekend.