Thursday, 3 September 2009

Thank you universe

Thank you universe for making my 8 a.m class become a 9 a.m one today. That was sheer luck! I however had to undergo a terrible moment of panic in the traffic jams while riding with Jev as the clock ticked 8 and we were still stuck in Port Louis. Lucky that Jev had to attend Gmauritius today, so I did not have to take the bus. Too bad that the lecturer did not inform us of the change in time beforehand though. This could have helped avoid some stress.

Ah anyway! I'm happy that everything went quite well. I'm back home and relaxing with a cup of green tea. Gonna watch some culinary reality show in a few. Take care dudettes and dudes! Be awesome.


  1. lol.. worth a blog post!

    people should avoid getting stress in situation like these(late for class). Keep cool.. late.. so what.. you wont reach faster by thinking 1000 times about it.. :P

    :( i've class 8.30 tomorrow.. :(

    Rock ON!!

  2. classes at 8.00!
    great god thats torture!
    hey i thought i saw your dad today on the news.
    but unlike you i don't fall for anyone's dad so don't worry.

  3. @ Sun, yeah stressing won't change the situation. I should really work on managing my stress level sometimes. It sure is beneficial not to stress. :D

    @ Keli, hihi, the guy loves to torture us. His a torturing sexists. OMG his class is like a huge make-women-feel-inferior session.
    Hihi, yeah my dad was on the news. He was funny!

  4. I didn't understand the universe bit... *ashamed*

  5. Morina we saw your dad on journal mbc tv. he gave a great statement. see you.

  6. :O i have classes at 8h30 at IVTB two years back hahaha! It was a torture but i like to wake up early as i usually don't wake up before 10h :p

  7. That was one sweet ride, huh? haha