Friday, 30 October 2009


The weather is crappy and I don't feel like going out. All this humidity is messing up my hair and giving me allergies. I don't know how this is even possible. so I'm going to cozily stay at home, watch TV and read stuff.

On some other note, after one month of waiting, tomorrow is the D-Day - the halloween party. I'm getting so excited. Today we're gonna start setting everything up and decorating.

Tomorrow there'll be lots of cooking and finally partying. I hope I manage to get everything ready for tomorrow...

P.S: Some previews of the halloween party decorations.



  1. Have fun!! D0n't forget to take lotsa pics!

  2. Happy u disguise etc?lucky you then cos not everyone has the spirit of Halloween here but think its coming within time...enjoy...cheers:-)

  3. Have a good halloween party! Those 2 pumpkin balls look amazing!

  4. Hehe, Thrashy Margie in 2 pieces in the boot. :D