Monday, 5 October 2009

Enter the Limerick guy

We got the news today; an eminent HR guy from the University of Limerick is going to be lecturing us on Strategic HR Development this Friday and we're supposed to show how erudite we are on the subject for 2 main reasons; first not to embarass our lecturer, who I'm sure wants to show to what extent he has been transmitting us the best knowledge ever and second, not to embarass ourselves by avoiding to be our regular selves.

Ideally, we are supposed to be asking the guy questions and those, of course, do not include questions pertaining to the weather. So I've got a strategy, it's not an innovative one but I'm sure as hell no one in my class have thought of it yet. I'm gonna go through the guy's books. Oh I know, it's gonna take time but I've got till Friday and it's not as though I'll really read the books. That's the delightful difference between "reading" and "going through".

Ah anyway dudettes and dudes, I guess revision is coming sooner this year. Oh! And did I mention, they are going to be counting our attendance on that day. Yeah, a deterrent, just in case anyone decided to ditch the Limerick guy.


  1. I like guest lectures. They are cool. Mainly because there's nothing due for the class. haha.

    Hope you enjoy the classes. And good going through. ;) I'm already seeing you going "In your book, you said..." Hahaha.

  2. @ Jev, haha! Oh yes I will! I'm determined to show that I've read!

  3. The best questions are always the ones which don't embarass you and your lecturer but embarass the guest lecturer :P

    If you ask him questions about his books, he will be really happy to talk about it, since he knows what to talk about and also he will like the fact that people in places as far-flung as Mauritius are reading his books :)

  4. @ Yashi, someone just sent me a question that might embarass the guy! I think I'll go for that! :p