Saturday, 10 October 2009

Halloween Shopping

Today we begun the 1st part of our shopping for the halloween party; we went to get the non-perishables. We bought some elements of the party decoration and a bunch of customised paper plates. We found all these at a shop called Deco Fete in Grand Bay.

I discovered the shop last Saturday as we were returning home from Trou aux Biches. As you can see, the front window is really striking.  At the very first glance I could tell it had everything we were looking for in terms of halloween decoration and I was so right. Even the saleswoman's appearance fitted the halloween theme. She had loads of make-up on and had totally worked on the "witch look". Oh how I loved that!
On another note, earlier today we brunched at Sunset Cafe. Jevin seemed to have enjoyed his feast and I found the croissants great-tasting!

We finished the day at Pereybere, which was crowdy as usual. And now I'm really tired and I feel like I need a good foot bath which I'm gonna get in a few minutes.

So long dudettes and dudes. How has your Saturday been?


  1. Yeah, it's been a wonderful day. I loved the shopping and planning. ;) And yeah the brunch was soo good.

  2. I was in Grand-Bay last Saturday but I didn't see any shop that looks like "Deco fete". Where is it found? I bet there are so many treasures out there waiting to be discovered! :P

    Ohh brunch! Yummy, I <3 brunch! Hehehe.

    Btw, like I said, Lash and I were in the north last Saturday. Went to Grand-bay and then headed to Pereybere. We could have bumped into each other if we actually went there on the same w-end as you and Jevin ;)

  3. Can't wait to see what y'all cooking for that Halloween party!

    What are you going to be for Halloween? Found any costume yet?

  4. cooking up! I'm having a TYPO day today! Ugghh

  5. I was at home, but tomorrow I am going for a long drive with uni friends.

  6. @ Jev, Planning is great, huh? Love the shopping too and the food was awesome.

    @ Angele, the shop is located quite far from Super U and Sunset Boulevard. It's more on the exit road from Grand Bay to Trou aux biches. From the card we got from Deco Fete, it seems that they have shops in Curepipe and New Grove as well. :D

    Aww, if we had done our shopping spree last Saturday, we could have truly bumped into Lash and you at some point! Hehe! That would have been great!

  7. @ Wez, we're still figuring out what to make for the party. We'll be opting for easy and quick recipes, for sure!

    I'm thinking of dressing up as Cleopatra and Jevin will probably be Julius Caesar. Hehe! But some of our friends reckon that we should opt for more freaky costumes. It's difficult to decide. :S

    @ Yashvin, enjoy the long drive tomorrow. ;)

  8. ^^ shops in curepipe :O i have to look for this shop...i want a mask ^^

  9. Ohh that deco shop looks really good. All those freaky halloween decorations are out here as well, they look so spooky! :D hehehe I always see kids buying witches' hat and really weird popping-eyes glasses, its funny! :)

    Hope you have an amazing halloween party! And I'm sure you'll make a terrific Cleopatra :D hehehe

  10. @ La Pingouine, hehe! I wanted a mask too but had so many choices, didn't know what to choose!!

    @ Jaimie, I hope I do manage to make the costume look "recognisable" 'cause it's not worth it if people just keep on staring at me without actually being able to guess that I'm supposed to be cleopatra! haha!

  11. Going to a halloween party tonight with friends from work. They are doing a treasure hunt thing and we have been divided into teams. My teams are going as vampires! Already got the fake vampire fangs, the fake blood (which is actually one of the girls' red lipstick), make-up and I also have a tall hat!!! I guess I will be some sort of Victorian vampire... Can't wait for it!

  12. Have you got a contact number/email/website for Deco Fete shop.