Friday, 9 October 2009

Hot and here.

Summer's here, at least in my part of the country it is. I'm sweating, not like in December but it's still sweat and mosquitoes are doing their rounds, as usual, for the sole purpose of annoying people and to occasionally feed on their blood.

Today I woke up at 3 a.m by the sounds of those pests as they were hovering around my ears. I did all I could to make them stop but to no avail. So I ended up wasting some precious sleeping time. I rose at 5 and got a mosquito repellent. Haha! And they were done. I could now sleep for another 2 hours before waking up at around 7. Dr Thomas Garavan, the Limerick guy's lecture was supposed to start at 10:45. I had ample time to shower, have breakfast, get ready and take the bus to Reduit.

The lecture was very interesting. The guy is truly well versed in Human Resource Development (HRD) and he applied some of the concepts to the Mauritian context.

By noon the lecture was over and I chatted with my buddies for a while before heading home. Port-Louis was warm and stuffy. The north was a little less warm but I still felt like I badly needed a shower when I got home.

All these go to say that the signs are here; we're entering summer!

Despite all these, I don't hate summer. Infact, when it comes to summer my feelings are quite mixed. On one side there are the perspirations, mosquitoes and smelly people in the bus and on the other side there are the flowers, colours, beverages and most importantly the holidays and celebrations.

I think out of the two seasons that we have, summer is definitely my favourite as that's the season wherein we have Divali, Christmas and New Year and I always associate it with shoppings and gifts...


  1. :( oui l'été est là arfff j'aime pas l'été :( je sens qu'on va crever de chaud :p

  2. as long the AC is working, i have no complain :P

  3. I've been having these hateful visitors here also since two nights! grrrrr...
    But anywayz, woot woot! 'cause even if I adore winter's comfort, I love summer!! :P It means so much fun in general!!!

    Sea, sand and sun on the paradise ilsand, with loads of parties and shopping!!!!!! Yay! ...euh lol

  4. I know it's getting hotter and hotter in Mauritius but over here it's whole year round. I love summer but the mosquitoes spoil it for me. I've been fighting mosquitoes since I landed here in SVG. :( My legs are all spotty. Hate it. I have mosquito repellent spray and cream. I've been using them so much and now my skin is immune to each one of them. I now rely on fans to blow away the nasty creatures. Doesn't work all the time though..Pffttt..

  5. I experienced the mosquitoes in July, there's probably more of them now it's warmer! I used to find that the only way to stop them from attacking my head was to cover my head :s

  6. I think if i had to choose, I'd pick winter as my favorite season. Winter in Mu is not so harsh and at least there's no mosquitoes to bother you. Lol! Yeah I have a problem with mosquitoes. They really really like my blood! @_@

    Oh but that doesn't mean I don't like summer. Summer around October and November is still ok because the weather is not that hot. But December till February... hellish :O Scorching sun, sweat, bugs coming out of nowhere... you name it! Hahhaa. But I think what I like about summer is that you can go to the beach again. Oh yeah and summer is the season for some fruits that I like so much... mangoes, lychees. Yummyyy!

  7. here it's spring!
    it's supposed to be warmer but lately, we having been a spell of winter cold weather! :( i can't wait to get rid of my winter clothes!

  8. Ahh summer. I like summer for the beaches and the overall happier attitude people have. But I'd take winter, for the cool weather and the beautiful nights of sleep. ;)