Tuesday, 6 October 2009

October is the month baby!

Two of my friends just called; no classes today. I can't even say how happy I am and I'm going to make the most of today, not by going through books but by planning for 2 parties coming up this month. The first one is my sister's birthday party and the second one is a halloween party that Jev and I are throwing on the 31st. Oh, by the way, everyone's invited for the halloween party. We'll be posting more details in the coming days!

Pictures from 2007's halloween party

Parties parties! I just can't wait! I'll be taking care of the decorations and I'm hoping to make it awesome!

P.S: I forgot Divali! How could I? It's on the 17th. Ooh ooh! 3 great events in October for me.


  1. oh fun fun and fun! enjoy :D i have exams.. *sigh*

  2. And my birthday is on the 14th!! :)

  3. Well well it seems that October's gonna be a busy month! So many special occasions :D

    Oh you're actually throwing a Halloween party? :o
    Niceee! Looking forward for more details :)

  4. Yeah fun fun fun...

    Little update on the party: This Saturday we are going Halloween shopping. ;)

    More details coming soon. Maybe an event page on Facebook to show maps and stuff...

  5. Awww i love halloweennnn ;)

    So what are u dressing up as? :D hehe

  6. @Houzhou, best of luck for the exams!! ;)

    @Wez, yours is just a day before my sister's... Hehe.

    @Angele, I'll be posting details on the party soon. I hope your ankle is better by the way. ;)

    @Jevin, yup can't wait to go to that party deco shop! I almost screamed when I found the shop last saturday. LOL

    @Jaimie, I'm going to be cleopatra. :p

  7. Hey don't forget to take pics of the Halloween party. I wanna see you as Cleopatra! Is Jevin dressing up as Julius Caesar? :P

    I thought my ankle was on the way to recovery but today I resumed work and when I got home I realized my foot got all swollen again :( I think I really need to rest my ankle after all!

  8. @ Angele, We'll have to wait till after the 31st for pictures. ^^ Yup Jevin's gonna be Ceasar, hehe.