Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Oh Kaka!

I swear I'm not swearing. Kaka is just the name of the football guy. Oh I know you know him. Everyone knows him. And guess what? I've got a crush on him. Oh I know it's an impossible love but I can't help it, can I? Ever since I watched his totally cool advert for a kids' chocolate cake brand called Doowap (don't you love saying "Doowap"? Like Rooch loves saying "Olga"). Anyway we're getting out of the point. And I must make sure to explain why I got the crush on Kaka. You see I was always hearing his name on TV and never actually saw him. You see (again) my dad is a huge football fan, and even now, as I'm writing this, I'm hearing the sound of all the cheers of stadium spectators. So I thought, basing my biases on his name, that Kaka must be some totally ugly guy. I mean you just have to hear the name to think "eew" and so I got this huge shock and pleasant surprise when on that advert the kids shouted "Kaka!" and instead of seeing a pile of faeces, I saw that guy who was a pile of good looks.

And so began the crush on Kaka, it was about 1 hour ago and I feel like it's fading away slowly. Still 1 hour, that must be some kind of record. Oh well, I'm off to prepare myself for tomorrow, we got a group assignment to work on. So long dudettes and dudes!


  1. well i agree with you Kaka looks very handsome in that ad and especially with that accent in the end...think all girls seeing that ad will fall for him cheers:-)

  2. He sure is an eye candy! Oh Kaka! :)

  3. Oh god, chocolate and Kaka in the same ad, girls' heads must be exploding all over the place :P

  4. Oh really? I somehow pictured Kaka as black with dreadlocks :S I don't know where that comes from.

    Anyhow, he's a real cutie :)

  5. Hideous!!!

    Hahah. Kidding. I think he looks good, yes.

  6. @ Gaia, yeah he looks so fresh and has the nice guy attitude in that ad! ^^

    @P.T, indeed an eye candy. Aww!

    @ Yashi, that totally made me laugh out loud. "Girls' heads must be exploding all over the place." Oh my! Haha

    @ Rooch, isn't he one of the cutest guy around? :p

    @ Vali, you're not the only one to have been misled by his name. :D

    @ Jev, I know you find him hideous! LOL! Don't pretend the contrary.

  7. :o I've never heard of him :p And whoop whoop, looks so dreamy :p

  8. Yeah Eye Candy! lolll
    My head was exploding all over the place for Beckham some years back! :P

  9. Eeek I LOVE him so I guess we're gonna have to battle it out haha.