Thursday, 26 November 2009

Ah revisions!

When I'm supposed to be revising, I always tend to find everything more appealing than my revision notes. For instance, I'm always making up breaks and giving myself treats. You've got the tea break, the toilet break, the let's-cuddle-the-cat break, the let-me-put-on-some-kohl break, the what-I-am-wearing-tomorrow break and finally, my favourite, the let's-try-a-new-recipe break. As for my treats, they come in the form of an episode of How I Met Your Mother after each 2 chapters are done with.

Despites all those breaks and treats, I'm managing to progress with the revision fairly smoothly. I'm not rushing into it 'cause my exam is on the 2nd of December. Some people might find that short, I'm really thinking that I've got lots of time. I hope I won't be proven wrong.

The thing is, giving myself breaks and treats really motivates me to keep going and I'm actually close to finding the revision fun! So I'll say that this breaks-and-treats method is definitely a keeper!


  1. Haha breaks and treats sure do work. It gives great motivation to your revisions. ;)

    Good luck for your exams.

  2. bon courage for ur revisions..i can't wait to read a post about your exams are over and you are on holidays..sincerely..

    its been all about exams so much lately that i've start to think .. ain't u freaking out ? :p j/k

    cheers :)

  3. LOL am like you when am suppose to revise there will be always good movies on TV and many good things that are happening at this very time...its good you take pause in between as this will help you to better concentrate...all the best for your exam :-)

  4. It'll be over soon...just take as many as breaks as you want if that will motivate you! :)

    Good luck for the exams!

  5. Good luck for the exams! breaks are good to break the tedium . But i'd advise - not too long:))