Thursday, 5 November 2009

Bed ain't bad

After going through a project-marathon, I feel free today. I haven't yet recovered from my messed up sleeping pattern but I'm getting to it, slowly. I submitted by research proposal yesterday and will hear feedbacks on it as from next week. So I can relax a little.

Yesterday I attended an HRMS committee meeting for the first time. HRMS is short for Human Resource Management Society and it's a club comprising of HRM students at UoM. I managed to have a responsibility assigned to me for a forthcoming event, that of contacting the media and I backed an activity proposal from a friend of mine. The president of the society is hoping to draw the interest of more students to our activities and I think that what has been proposed will probably do the trick. Briefly, it's about interpreting common scenes at work and making the audience decide what went wrong and what could be improved. I hope we manage to find enough volunteers who are willing to play the roles.

Ah anyway dudettes and dudes, I think I'll go for a nap. It's so good to be at home during the day, plus the weather is warm and breezy... Think my bed is calling me. See ya'll!


  1. Looks like the HRMS club is doing some nice activities. I volunteer to play the roles. :D