Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Dear Cookies and Co.

Dear Cookies and Co.,

Thanks for not letting me down on Saturday. You did not just taste awesome, you also helped me impress my mother-in-law and that, is a great feat considering that she is an amazing cook.

I was complimented on my cooking talent thanks to you and you guys helped in making this party oh-so-memorable for more than a few.

So once again, Cookies and Co., Thank You!

The bloody chocolate cake

Sometimes you gotta thank the cakes dudettes and dudes, even if that makes you sound a loony, especially if it's on your blog.


  1. Hehe I thank them too... Everytime I eat them. :D

  2. BORING! ooops, wrong blog! damn, i'm spamming Lady AnGele too much...

    where was i? hmmmm...

    Dear Morinn,

    It's my greatest pleasure to inform you that, just like me, you have been granted and reserved a VIP spot at Brown Sequard. Once, those straightjackets, promised by lapingouine and houzhou, have been delivered, we'll be able to enjoy some quality time at said institution.

    waz :P

  3. omg, waz's case is getting more serious every day. Poor chap getting so bored that his only hobby is spamming people's blogs! Hahahaa :D

    So when do we get to have a bite of your yummy goodies? ^^

  4. Hallowed is the Cookie Monster!


    How is that toe of yours doing?

  5. @waz...sorry you will have to wait coz none of us win the Loto this week!!!!

    ohhh morinn ^^ this cake looks great and yummy miam miammmmmmmm ^^