Thursday, 17 December 2009

How to...

You know how when you start typing something on Google search, it automatically starts giving you popular search terms that probably depend on your location. For instance, when I type 'M' on Google search I get this:

MSN, Mauritius turf club,, one can infer that those are popular search terms used in Mauritius. So I decided to take a look at what "How's" people searched for and here's what I got:

Now that was hilarious, especially for the first 3 terms. 


  1. Hahaha... Awesome.

    I love the how to get pregnant. :D

  2. @ Jev, well after "how to make love" you gotta know "how to get pregnant too", just in case! lol

  3. I <3 the last one. how to tie a tie... I know a lot of ppl who don't know how to tie a tie :p

  4. The best one is "How to make love to your husband?".

    I wonder if it is different from making love to someone else :P

    Girls, anyone?

  5. @Sachin, hell yeah! It was great to find that HIMYM was among the list!

    @Reech, indeed, I guess this is mostly searched by young guys getting into their first job and not knowing how to tie a tie, that one is quite cute!

    @Yashvin, I dunno, perhaps it's different once people are married! I wouldn't know. lol

  6. Hahahaha...hilarious to make love to your husband is the funniest to me!

  7. LOL the how suggestions really funny esp the how to make love to your husband :p

  8. after reading that i couldn't help but try the why version: (s'pas vraiment beaucoup mieux hein xD)