Saturday, 30 January 2010

And in the evening... motherfucker.

Today is one of the rare Saturdays where I'll be totally free. No damn classes to attend thanks to the public holiday. Along with my sister, Jev and I took Missy, the new puppy, to the vet. She is now two and a half months old and her next visit is due in one month. We then took Missy to Super U, Grand Bay where she enjoyed being the centre of attention of passer-bys who, unsurprisingly, found her totally cute.

I then lunched (at 4 p.m!) and the meal consisted of the traditional Cavadee food. That was deliciously spicy! 

Tonight Jev and I are going to see Florence Foresti's one-women show, which goes by the name of Motherfucker (yup!) at Pailles. I love that woman and I'm totally looking forward to the great laugh. The show is supposed to consist of short plays which humorously depict the situation of mothers. I just can't wait to see that. 

It's almost 6 pm and I gotta rush and get ready... Wooh! 

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Thursday, 28 January 2010

It's hard to be a couch potato

Oh crap! This had to happen just on my day off! I had decided to indulge into some couch-potato-ing today and just when I turned the TV on, the screen was all black except for a little red cube. It seems that MC Vision is having a generalised technical issue since 11 pm last night, as per what the customer care person told me. The problem will be solved by mid-day but I know the chances of that happening are very loose.

So I'm gonna dump my couch-potato plans and focus on revising instead, which was plan B. That's an evil plan concocted by the universe to prevent me from being a lazy ass, I'm damn sure!

Anyway I'm off to dig out my notes dudettes and dudes. I'll leave you guys with this song, What It Is by Mark Knopfler. This song has got to be my crush of this month.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

It's all about cakes

And so days go by... I'm caught up with several non-fun hassles that come my way. But there is one gleaming, shining event I'm looking forward to and that is my birthday. It's not the prospect of growing older that's exhilarating me, it's rather the idea of being able to (at last!) eat a birthday cake.

Call me a control freak, but I like to plan my birthday party myself. I don't really rely on surprises for that event. And I like to assign a theme to my birthdays. In 2007 it was pink and green, in 2008 it was orange, in 2009 it was Maha Shivaratree (yup!) and this year it's gonna be a white birthday!

I'm having a crush on white parties because they're usually very simple and very very elegant.

For the birthday cake I'm thinking of making something like these:

So elegant, aren't they? I'd even say sexy! Ooh! I just can't wait to bake that cake!

Image sources: Country Living

Saturday, 16 January 2010


You gotta be kidding me! I just spent about 15 minutes deleting emails from people who've got nothing better to do on a Saturday save for tagging photos on Facebook and commenting on them.

I really don't mind being tagged in a picture in which I am really present (read: a picture of me attending an event or something like that) but it really ruins the whole concept of tagging pictures when some people decide to associate your name with random cartoons or flowers or anything else that sounds like fun to them.

What bothers me more is when the thing or cartoon character to which my name is associated, represents everything that I am not. Today I got tagged as Waylon Smithers in a Simpsons' cartoon character picture. I don't know whether I'm missing something obvious about myself, but as much as I tried I really could not identify myself to Smithers (one of Marge's sisters would have been great!).

As a retaliation, I did the mildly rebellious act of "untagging" myself from the photos. At the very least I won't be receiving those new comments notification emails.

In case you're wondering, I'm not turning off the feature about allowing people to tag me in pictures because I happen to be tagged regularly for real events. It would be quite rude to turn that off.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

2010 and plans...

Hey dudettes and dudes! How are things doing? Stuff are going on great around me. Of course, I've had too much food in the past 2 weeks of celebration but I'm not gonna complain, I've enjoyed each and every meal!

Today is my mum's birthday, on the 2nd of Jan it was my dad's. After today's celebration, I've decided to press the pause button on the mirth and merriment. Gotta reserve some for the rest of the year.

Ah the rest of the year! It sure announces itself as being hectic and stressful but I'm not flinching. No resolutions taken this year, I've only got plans... Plans function better than resolutions if you ask me. They are more realistic and so I'm off to plan my... plans!

Take care dudettes and dudes and have a wonderful 2010!