Tuesday, 26 January 2010

It's all about cakes

And so days go by... I'm caught up with several non-fun hassles that come my way. But there is one gleaming, shining event I'm looking forward to and that is my birthday. It's not the prospect of growing older that's exhilarating me, it's rather the idea of being able to (at last!) eat a birthday cake.

Call me a control freak, but I like to plan my birthday party myself. I don't really rely on surprises for that event. And I like to assign a theme to my birthdays. In 2007 it was pink and green, in 2008 it was orange, in 2009 it was Maha Shivaratree (yup!) and this year it's gonna be a white birthday!

I'm having a crush on white parties because they're usually very simple and very very elegant.

For the birthday cake I'm thinking of making something like these:

So elegant, aren't they? I'd even say sexy! Ooh! I just can't wait to bake that cake!

Image sources: Country Living


  1. The cakes do look sexy. I'd love to have a slice right now. ;)

  2. Jev, That's too bad! You're getting to taste it on the 23rd!

  3. the white makes it look more like a mini wedding cake guys ;)

  4. @ Shawin, Jevin thought of a wedding cake too! lol. Maybe I'll choose that kind of cake for my wedding too... in some years...

    @ Yashvin, the diet is still going strong (for now). My next indulgence will the on the 23rd February, that's "enn long chak". lol

  5. wooooo soo prettyyyyy :)

    U must be a really good baker, to be able to make such yummy+beautiful cake :D I wouldnt even attempt to try! lol :p

  6. @ P.T, the birthday is on the 23rd of February. :D

    @ Jaimie, I'm not that good in bakery but I'm really motivated by my "gourmandise". So I'm gonna give the cake a shot.

  7. I so totally want a cake like that for my birthday too... NICE!

  8. Hey Mel! The awesome part of it is when that lovely cake it cut and devoured! Aah!