Tuesday, 9 February 2010

And money ruins it all...

Hey dudettes and dudes! So it's the festive period of Maha Shivaratree yet again and on Sunday I went to Grand Bassin. Don't you feel like this festival comes a bit too often? I do! And so, I wore a churidar just to blend into the crowd at Grand Bassin but I found that it was not enough. It seems that some women are fond of wearing make-up while praying in the rain. But I'm not judging. Who am I to judge, anyway? I'm just that chick who likes to boast about not having to wear make-up to look good (yup I said it).

So anyway, while my father was praying and donating money to anyone who was asking for it, Jev and I were laughing at people while at the same time looking for his parents. It was one hell of a trip to Grand Bassin, quite unusual but I'd for once say that it was worth it. 

So if you're planning to take a trip to Grand Bassin you should be considering:

  • Bringing along any protection from the rain that you own, umbrellas, raincoats, nothing would be too much.
  • Laying your hand on bael leaves or you'll have to pay for it. (Yeah religion is a business, especially during this time of the year).
  • Having a decent amount of cash in hand, especially if you're of the soft-hearted type since you'll be having at least 25 donation requests from the moment that you leave your vehicle to the time that you get back to it. 
But all in all, and even though I tend to sound sceptical, I like the spirit of this festival. The pilgrimage, the long hours of prayer, the fasting and the colours. I just wished that people would not spoil it by trying to make money out of it. Is that too much to ask for?


  1. I'll be going tomorrow. On foot and return by foot. Since the last 8 years, I've been going there from Vacoas. Kind of tradition.

  2. I don't like this festival. It's uncool that some people are making money out of this.
    And the kawars are getting bigger and bigger, blocking the roads.

    All they are doing is just giving a bad image of the Hindu religion.

  3. Happy maha shivratee! Nowadays people tend t0 use religion for everything...if you don't donate you're damned and if you do you're still damned!


  4. Nice! I know it would have been hectic. I went to grand bassin early this time... like a week ago. lol

  5. In all festivals people are like that now...that's sad and what I hate is that there are some people who do not respect the spiritual and religious symbolism of such festivals :(
    btw wish you and your family a Pious Maha Shivaratree

  6. i have never celebrated maha shiv ratri.. cause my dad doesn't belive in elaborate celebrations. but then i think thats there is nothing wrong with it. i think the deal it is an oppotunity for people to get together. i think the attitude towards it is the big deal. and im totally cool with it. blated shiv ratri.