Thursday, 11 February 2010

Babies are over-rated.

I'll never understand some people's obsession with babies. I know babies are so cute that they make your heart melt and bring you so much happiness, but that's only when the baby's not yours or when they're on pictures. It's great to take care of a baby for 5 minutes or 15 minutes maximum when the mom's busy. But it's so much greater when the 15 minutes are over and you can actually sigh and thank god the baby's not yours.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those who would not want to have a baby one of these days. Come to think of it, babies are definitely in my future plans, just like education and a job were. Babies are a necessity, you know, to have a family and to have someone to whom I could narrate my life, just like my mum does with me. I've even thought of their names; I intend to have one called Jade and one called Jake, if ever there's 2 of them. That's to show how much I could want to have kids.

But my point is, people should not be obsessed with babies. They should instead think of the baby stage as the phase where they will be having sleepless nights, mood swings, a bare minimum sexual life and all other complex situations that follow. The only positive point about the baby phase is the pictures of that devilishly cute creature you will be sending to your relatives. People will say that they envy your life as a new mom but you'll know that's utter crap. But since your memory's quite short term and since you love your kid, after 4 or 5 years you will be forgetting all about the baby's tantrum and will concentrate more on telling your kid how cute and undemanding he/she was as a baby. 

Anyway, for me, the best years of child rearing are when the kid's grown enough to use words to communicate with you, that's around 18. Ok, I'm kidding. Let's say that as from 6 they would start to express themselves clearly and would start going to school so they could make you proud of all the efforts you've put in to make them become who they are. 

On the hard side, I know I'll be a good mom. That's cause I'll be applying HR principles to the rearing of my children. You know, motivation theories, leadership styles, commitment to the organisation (family in this case), remuneration and rewards, everyone of those would play a crucial role. You gotta use your education one of these days.

On the soft side, I'll be the caring and sometimes overprotective mom who'll be baking pies and cookies and spending some awesome time with the kids.

And so, dudettes and dudes, I can wait to have kids of my own in some years but I'm not naive enough to happily look forward to the pre-school phase.


  1. Babies are cool. They do take a lot, a lot of time, but it should be alright if you are prepared to become parents.
    Have you ever noticed that people that are obsessed with babies (the ones that have a baby that's not theirs as profile picture), have no clue as to how to take care of babies? :D

  2. Jev, I think it's because they don't have a clue as to how to rear a kid that they've posted the picture! Haha!

  3. From your requirements, I think that you need a ready-made baby. You should have a look at the babies section in hypermarkets :-)

  4. @Yashvin, in fact, no. Nothing would please me more than having my own baby.
    My point is that I know that the stage when the baby is still very young and constantly needs to be attended to with regards to feeding, changing the nappies, etc is a difficult phase. I see it as the bad part of child rearing, the part to which people should not be happy about, that's it.
    I don't want a ready-made child, even if that were to exist.
    I know the few months after the birth of my child would be a difficult one and I'm being realistic about it.

  5. I love babies but when I have one in hand, I'm full of doubt about whether I'll be good at this. I love when they are around 2-3 years. They are so cute with their fierce curiosity about everything.
    They are wise too, they know the difference between a true smile and a fake one and interact to those with a true smile only. Well... from what I noticed anyway. I might be wrong :D

  6. @ Reech, I love babies who are inquisitive too. I had a cousin who was very keen at learning new stuff when she was around 2 or 3 years. She has got to be one of the cutest babies I've ever seen.

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  8. I'm obsessed with babies and having my own child!! If you're willing to be a mother and you had 2 miscarriages then you'll pretty much become obsessed!

    I can't wait...i don't care about the mood swings or the sleepless nights...I just want a baby...:)

  9. LOL thats sure babies are cute thing esp when they are not crying and yelling :)
    really dont know what kind of mother I will be (am just afraid if gonna be a bad a mother) i really love the idea of applying HR strategies to the upbringing of babies :) like you have a small cousin of 3 years old at home we consider her as a daughter or a sister but one thing for sure the new generation of babies or kids are very difficult from how they used to be before :)

  10. though i am not a fan of kids, i get along with them. i don't really look at kids any differently from people. so caution always. :P.. I dunno using HR strategies on kids.. dunno how good is it as an idea.. they aren't employees. though you could try to equate family to companies to a certain extent. all the best anyways

  11. I think they are over-rated as in people worry too much about them. Nowadays you see parents putting their kids in a sort of cocoon, so much so that kids grow up unprepared to tackle the harsh world out there. For God's sake, let your kid lick that floor clean, let him/her climb trees at the risk of breaking a leg, let him/her run around till he/she bruises his/her knee badly! When he/she grows up, let him/her go to school on the public bus!!!!

    Oh I love kids btw :) I have always had very young cousins, it's incredible! Being unruly is part of their education, it shouldn't mean the kid is a nightmare.

  12. Babies are way too overrated. My parents watch my niece for hours almost every day and I can't wait for her to go home