Thursday, 18 February 2010


Hope is great! It sometimes makes some stuff happen. But not every time, and certainly not for people who sit around wishing for hope to set every situation right. I'm just telling you that sometimes when everyone calls something a loss, hope can bust in and suddenly everything is doing great all over again.

I've never always been a partisan of hope but I've often been a positive person. I'm saying "often" here because sometimes some situations make it difficult to adopt a positive approach. 

Anyway, I like to think that good things come to those who deserve it. Despite being called a cynic by people around me, deep down I can be a hope freak. Just last Sunday when Jevin told me matter-of-factly that our printer would never work again, I told him it would. I told him there's hope and he silently acquiesced, perhaps because he did not want to hurt me. To cut the story short, the printer worked...

Maybe it was bound to work but I feel great to have kept my hopes high and not losing faith in the printer. 

There are several more instances when I did not lose hope and good consequences prevailed; for my academic results, when my dogs got very sick and the list is long...

I might be called a fool for believing in hope but well... I like the little mystical element that hope brings in one's life...

So dudettes and dudes, do you usually keep your hopes high or are you more likely to lose hope in tricky situations?


  1. I tend to lose hope rather quickly. It's hubby who keeps the positive vibe going. It's like he won't rest until he achieves something or turn a situation in his favor.

    Optimism, hope, faith - they're all good...

  2. Yeah good to have some faith... I like the way you keep on trying till things work. Love you loads, honey.

  3. yeah, everything can happen in our life, sometimes we sad and other, but we'll stand up in our day if we may to receive everything happen with thankful to God

  4. I would normally laugh off hope as something ridiculous, the same way I dismiss prayers. I like (or try hard) to think of myself as someone very 'practical' (I am a guy, I like pretending I am all tough!), which isn't true! Confidence is just hope in disguise. Sometimes you know something will work out and even if you are down, a tiny part of you still thinks everything will be fine.

    I also tend to think of worst-case scenarios all the time. It helps! Actually it doesn't if you do it all the time...