Tuesday, 2 February 2010

In February I will be...

February has got to be the month baby! I know I tend to be optimistic for almost every month of every damned year but this time dudettes and dudes, I mean it. I plan to have some awful fun in February even with the various non-fun stuff (in the form of tests and assignments to submit) that will occur this month. 

So in February I plan to:

1. Throw a beach party with my buddies, we've got some stuff to celebrate together.

2. Have a bad-ass valentine's day with Jev and that won't include romantic craps. But I hope that it includes some chocolates.

3. Celebrate my birthday. Yeah I'll be filling you guys to the brim with this. It's gotta be the first time in years that I'm so excited about a birthday. 

4. Change my template totally as in going for a completely new one after sticking with this new one for 3 years.


  1. 3 years with the same theme? wow! tone cpv tenir si longtemps? Congrats! Looking forward to see the new one ;)

    @Jev : Can we have the honour to read other version of this post, as seen by you? Gonna be fun lol!

  2. Interesting Agenda! Sounds fun in a way :D

  3. Ahh, it's gonna be a fun February. ;-)

    I know what kind of valentine you're after. Chocolates and more chocolates.

    And for the template, let me tell you that I am totally excited about it. Hehee.

  4. cool plans :) i really like the first one

  5. Sounds like fun! When's your birthday?