Sunday, 21 February 2010

It's all about certificates.

I hate it, I absolutely despise it, when the only motivation that people have for following a course or training session is the certificate. There's no harm in wanting a certificate. It is an additional garnish to your CV. But that is certainly not all. What about the experience? The knowledge acquired? Your own personal development? The certificate won't prove that you just became more efficient, it's how you apply the knowledge that will do that.

Remember when Gmauritius was going to be held? I'm sure some of you must have heard people asking about certificates. 'Cause it seems that they would not be able to learn much from Google, so they might just have a certificate to prove they were there!

Just last week when some buddies were talking about a training that the HRDC would be offering, some people dared ask about whether we're gonna have a certificate. I'm sure they did not register for the training because we don't know as of yet whether there will really be certificates.

Forget about the certificates dudettes and dudes, make the most of the experiences...


  1. You are so right...but in the big bad world of today your certificates are very important. But that doesn't justify that kind of behavior!

  2. haha, you mentioned GMauritius, I immediately remembered something which made all of us laugh out there :

    The guy who was sleeping during the presentation on the first day itself LOL!
    I wonder what he would have done with the certificate :P

  3. Certificates are good to have, but you need the knowledge to back it up.

    I've learnt that to get respect at work, you need to know your field. Not to have a gazillion certificates.

  4. certificates ...
    I went to the french school in reunion island then, went to Uni in France, Japan, China, and US.
    And i started a company without showing my CV.
    And last year i join a company, director never saw my CV ... He barely knows that i have a Business Diploma...
    But certificates is also important ... Knowledge from school is everything.You can learn in the street, but you also need to spend hours on your school table to help your brain :)
    But dont worry, when you want something you can get it with or without certificates...
    And studies is the bestest part of the life !

  5. Go to Youtube and look for 'the apprentice uk series 4 part 1' and for series 5 as well. The Apprentice is a brilliant reality TV game show whereby Lord Alan Sugar teaches everybody the frakin' value of certificates (they are worth nothing in his book.) Back up your certificate with knowhow, brilliance, innovation and experience.

  6. In this competitive world having a well garnished CV is a great thing when you're looking for a job. But its glory fades immediately after you've got the job! Then comes the time to show your worth.
    Certificates or not, learn and grow everyday. What have you learned today?

  7. I read an article the other day about students having damn good certificates but still no work due to no experience in the field itself. Experience is more important now so don't worry...

  8. If you mention all your skills in your CV while applying for your job, accompanied by a properly written motivation letter, you can beat someone with a better certificate. Employers need to know what you're worth just by these two.

    For summarising some things, you'll sure need a certificate (and for public sector oriented people!). Right now there's an MBA craze. I'm doing it too but you also need to know how to apply it. Same for Computer degrees... I have interviewed many fresh graduates from UOM... and most of them can't solve the easy problem I give them in the required time.

  9. We Mauritians are so obsessed with certificates, it's crazy! The Asian families are quite bad, probably something they brought from India where everyone needs to have a medical degree, a law degree or an engineering degree. Experience counts for everything. I have been to interviews where I see people with huge degrees and Phds, but nothing in terms of practical knowledge.

    Maybe it doesn't happen everywhere, but once you start working, everything becomes clear :) You could have the biggest certificates in the world, but the person better at the practical implications of the job will always be ahead.