Wednesday, 26 May 2010

So where was I?

Yeah, so where was I? Minutes, days and months elapse so quickly. Yeah they do, especially when a thousand thing is occurring about you. There's work and there were the exams, which ended today, at last!

Work is cool! It's the typical Dilbert thing (with Catbert, the evil HR), except that I'm the Catbert in this case. At first I was tender at heart. It's hard to call people for interviews and not giving them the job, it's hard to hear the hope in their voice when they believe there's a possibility, it's hard to see them signing a contract which unfortunately does not match their expectations. But well, it took some time for me to toughen up and adopt a holistic way of thinking instead of considering cases by cases.

But well, the good thing is that we`re adopting new HR policies that would soon make everyone`s life better, including mine. So that would soon be a win-win. 


  1. She is back! Nice to hear from you again!
    Yes, some jobs are quite demanding, it might take time to get used to it and deliver as expected. But am sure that you will like what you do (even if it consists of rejecting some candidates, that's how life goes on).

    Good luck ;)

  2. Funny how the situations on Dilbert sometimes really applies to daily work life.