Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Kindle me up

So the story goes thus: I got the Amazon Kindle some weeks back, I can`t remember exactly and ever since I got it I`ve been reading. Cause that`s what you`re supposed to be doing with a Kindle I suppose. I was so caught up with my reading that I did not give a damn about writing a blog post to tell you guys about how cool the Kindle is. So yesterday my boyfriend, a guy named Jevin told me to write something up and here it is.

Well the Kindle is cool if you`re a bookworm, if not, then you would certainly look down on it as a useless tool. I am a bookworm and ever since I got the Kindle it seems that it is accompanying me everywhere, except, of course, to the loo. Even if I was taking it to the loo I wouldn`t be telling you about it, right?

Yeah, so, well the Kindle is accompanying me everywhere. Even today as I was having lunch all alone `cause my colleague and partner in crime was out for a conference, I was reading the Kindle, a wonderful novel my Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, if you want to know. I wouldn`t tell you where I got the books though.

Anyway, anyway, all those blabbering to let you know that the Kindle is awesome, that I took a day off the day I got it to be able to read all day long, that its cheap and that the battery life is a miracle. 

If you happen to have one, you`re a lucky bastard. If you want one, go for it. 

Oh and by the way I got the orange cover. Cool, ain`t it?

Thursday, 1 July 2010

2 damned hours!

It`s amazing how leaving work 2 hours earlier than usual can be revitalizing. I mean I don`t ever accomplish anything groundbreaking during the last 2 hours of my day so I might as well call it a day and leave early. Usually the last 2 hours of the day are spent chatting with colleagues, pondering on upcoming HR policies which we all know won`t ever be applied and most importantly, having tea. 

Granted today was a special circumstance. Something pressing. One of those events when people insist that you go home 2 hours earlier. But that kind of circumstance won`t be repeated in the near future. But I`m just saying, I`m more productive when I leave home 2 hours earlier...