Sunday, 28 November 2010

Chocolate Weekend

I am currently flipping through this wonderful chocolate cookbook called, brace yourselves for it: "Chocolate!". And I must say that it is exquisite. This book depicts chocolate in its very best aspects; sensual with the silken chocolate cheesecake, warm with some chocolate drinks and sometimes, even vulgar with the very decadent brownie pudding cake. But that`s the thing with chocolate, it reaches us at every level of our moods with its decadence or sophistication. My sister lent me this book this weekend, which she got from her boyfriend, in a somewhat unconcealed attempt to lure me into baking something for them. But really, I don`t need much pressuring for baking, especially when it comes to chocolate...


  1. Oh yeah!
    I'll be your second cook. ;-)

  2. Good housekeeping has great books, I like the spiral for easy flipping didn't see that one yet.

  3. I think it must be available at bookcourt, Caudan.