Saturday, 22 October 2011

There`s no such thing as a "happy belated birthday"

There`s no such thing as a "happy belated birthday"

There`s either "happy birthday" ON the birthday

or nothing at all.

If people were honest enough they would instead have said:

It was your birthday yesterday/last week/month. I`ve completely forgotten about it because I don`t care enough.
Next year I will:
1. Either set notifications because I clearly would still not remember
2. Stop talking to you to avoid the awkward "I`m sorry I forgot your birthday thing".

So it`s plain simple. Either you remember people`s birthday and wish them on the day.
Or you stop giving a damn and live happily ever after.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

About loving your job

When you hail from an HR background you tend to dissect everything that`s going around at your workplace and even about your own job.

Sometimes it`s difficult to decide whether you truly love your job or not. Frankly it`s not just about the perks but the perks form part of the decision. If you had a better office/desk/computer/toilet/kitchen would that make you happier? Or are you more intent on the content of your job, on the quality of responsibility you have or on the attitude of your co-workers? 

And when that moment comes, where you realise that you are happy in your workplace, that you truly love your job, is that feeling some sort of emancipation? 

Do you feel comfortable talking about your job, without have to brag or to enhance your importance/responsibilities at your workplace? 

If you do feel comfortable about your job, then you are really happy. But I don`t need to tell you about that.

Don`t know if you`ve heard about intrinsic satisfaction. It`s a basic concept about satisfaction that comes from the job instead rather than from the benefits derived from the job. 

And intrinsic satisfaction is the best sort of satisfaction ever, take it from me. 

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Why I never state my stance

It pisses me to no end when people come out and say stuff like "Hey, I am not against teenage pregnancy" or "I totally support obese people" or "gays are as equal as us".

This pisses me because:
1. No one asked for your opinion. You are not the almighty decision-maker regarding who should be accepted or not.
2. If you really thought everyone was equal, you wouldn`t have had to point it out.
3. If you really thought everyone was equal, you wouldn`t have noticed the difference between Person A and Person B.

What I`m trying to say is just that when we come to the point where we don`t label people and/or refer to them by mentioning their particular characteristic (and pledging that we accept those), that would be the day where everyone would be equal.

It`s not about "accepting" others as it`s about living with them or co-existing. You are not asked to understand others or to love them. You are only asked to see them as human beings, not more, not less, just like you.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Feeling bored?

Feeling bored? Here`s what you can do...

But first, a little blah blah...

The internet is a great place to hangout. You`ve got your friends (I don`t, `cause I`m still avoiding them), you`ve got videos, images, articles and I end the list here. But sometimes it happens that you`ve run out of stuff to read, watch or drool upon. Here`s what you can do.

1. Read comments on Youtube.
There`s nothing as entertaining as a troll-fight on a Youtube video. Someone would troll about, creating havoc by posting "negative comments" and someone else (an unconditional fan of the video poster) would start replying to the troll until this gives rise to fine little entertaining mess. Ooh! I love those. If you don`t know what video to start with, try searching "Rebecca Black", but do it on an empty stomach.

2. Read reviews on Ebay
You know how when you buy something on Ebay you get to review the seller? Well, click on a not-so-top-rated seller on Ebay and read the negative and neutral comments. These tend to be really entertaining, especially when the buyers are angry.

3. Stalk people
This one is a classic and I think I should have started with it. But, in my defense, I tend to practise this less now that I`ve got some relatively more important things to do. So yeah, follow some random stranger or far acquaintance`s life on Facebook or whatever social networking dinosaur you`re into. Go through their picture, their friends` pictures until you feel that you`ve known them all your life. This tends to make you feel pathetic. That is, of course, if nothing else made you feel pathetic before.

Yeah, so here we go, dudettes and dudes. And have a merry weekend.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Katy Perry "Smurfette" look

I know, I know... A Katy Perry look? WTF? But here`s something I never told you guys: I`m obsessed with makeup lately. Well it`s not just lately. It`s been months now. But anyway, I`ve decided to post the stuff that I make here. `Cause I gotta keep this somewhere right? So here goes: a makeup inspired by Katy Perry`s recent look as the smurfette. I love the colours she`s wearing, though they are not something you`d wear to go anywhere that`s not remotely crazy (does that make sense?)

The inspiration photo (from

And my version:

I made this look a little more "wearable" even though I did not wear this to go anywhere... yet. This look would be awesome with some nude lips.

Products used:
Cobalt blue and light blue eyeshadow from a 120 colours eyeshadow palette. (BH cosmetics)
Maybelline "Emeraude" eye pencil
L`Oreal lipstick in "Vagabond Mauve"

Sunday, 24 July 2011

A few thoughts...

Ever noticed how "a few thoughts" sounds like "a few farts"? Yeah! My farts exactly! Well, anyway, today I`ve got some free time off my hands and I thought I`d share a few stuff that have been running through my mind lately.

1. Pretentious people are boring.
Pretentious people are always bragging about something, whether directly or through "complaint-bragging" and that makes them boring. I always prefer people who stand up honestly and say stuff like "I am the most intelligent person of my family/class/town/world". Well, it does sound pretentious but it might be the truth as well. So that makes you just a truth-speaker.

2. I avoid social networking sites because I`m avoiding my friends
I hate hard to maintain friendships. There are always friends who would like to "hear from you" or "meet you" or even "see pictures of your baby/pets". I know that by reading this lots of people would feel bad. But here`s why I don`t care: first, no one ever reads my blog and second if you were a true friend in the first place you`d know how I am. I like my freedom. I like to breathe in a friendship. But one day I`ll invite you over and it`ll be the most amazing friendship (read: booze) moment ever!

I`ve got a few other things to write about but I feel that right now this is enough. There`ll be enough time later to bring out the cynicism. 

Thursday, 19 May 2011

There comes a time in life...

There comes a time in life when you don`t actually have anything in particular to attend to, when the word "urgent" is just some far away concept and when you have got so many time at hand that you don`t actually know where to begin. That kind of moment is freedom, I guess. And sweet freedom I have missed you!

So today I`ll be watching TV, CSI Miami, 'prolly. It`s easier when it`s already going to be on TV. Then I wanna bake some chocolate chip cookies, make a coconut pie for my mum, bake lasagnas and oh! make Prince William`s wedding cake. Kitsch I know! But you gotta admit that this cake looks awesome.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

And today...

Today I feel like making a little update on this blog. It`s been a while. There`s been lots of it`s-been-a-while posts those past years, I know. 

To start with, things have not changed that much on my side. I`m still a foodie, there`s been lots of chocolates, pizzas and you name it during those past months. I`m still addicted to TV shows, various games and other weird stuff. 

But I`ve had and I`m still having a pronounced addiction for two new things and those are eye makeups and physical exercises. Oh yeah, I said physical exercises. Well you see, it`s not that bad once you get into it. It`s actually quite relaxing once you get to do it.