Thursday, 12 May 2011

And today...

Today I feel like making a little update on this blog. It`s been a while. There`s been lots of it`s-been-a-while posts those past years, I know. 

To start with, things have not changed that much on my side. I`m still a foodie, there`s been lots of chocolates, pizzas and you name it during those past months. I`m still addicted to TV shows, various games and other weird stuff. 

But I`ve had and I`m still having a pronounced addiction for two new things and those are eye makeups and physical exercises. Oh yeah, I said physical exercises. Well you see, it`s not that bad once you get into it. It`s actually quite relaxing once you get to do it. 


  1. So, when are you getting married with Jevin?

  2. Glad to hear from you again. The blogosphere needs more people to help it grow :-)

    Totally agree with you abt what you said for some exercises. btw, have you ever been for a walk on Montagne Signaux? I highly recommend you if you haven't gone there yet.

  3. ohh nice to have some news!!!

    physical exercises ^^ lollll am still starting :D Not really motivated :) Well it a good thing ^^ to keep a good health, but still with these arguments, I can't make a move ^^

    you must watch The Killing ^^ great new tv show!!

    what about your wisdom teeth lol ? :)

    Have a nice week end :)

  4. So when is the wedding with Jevin?

  5. Great to have you back, honey. :D

    @Bruno, dunno about the wedding. We still need to sort out some things before.

  6. I dunno why my previous post is not showing anymore.

    @ La Pingouine, the wisdom teeth are hurting on and off. hihi

    @ Bruno, we haven`t figured out a date yet. :)

    @ Jev, thanks