Sunday, 24 July 2011

A few thoughts...

Ever noticed how "a few thoughts" sounds like "a few farts"? Yeah! My farts exactly! Well, anyway, today I`ve got some free time off my hands and I thought I`d share a few stuff that have been running through my mind lately.

1. Pretentious people are boring.
Pretentious people are always bragging about something, whether directly or through "complaint-bragging" and that makes them boring. I always prefer people who stand up honestly and say stuff like "I am the most intelligent person of my family/class/town/world". Well, it does sound pretentious but it might be the truth as well. So that makes you just a truth-speaker.

2. I avoid social networking sites because I`m avoiding my friends
I hate hard to maintain friendships. There are always friends who would like to "hear from you" or "meet you" or even "see pictures of your baby/pets". I know that by reading this lots of people would feel bad. But here`s why I don`t care: first, no one ever reads my blog and second if you were a true friend in the first place you`d know how I am. I like my freedom. I like to breathe in a friendship. But one day I`ll invite you over and it`ll be the most amazing friendship (read: booze) moment ever!

I`ve got a few other things to write about but I feel that right now this is enough. There`ll be enough time later to bring out the cynicism. 

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