Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Katy Perry "Smurfette" look

I know, I know... A Katy Perry look? WTF? But here`s something I never told you guys: I`m obsessed with makeup lately. Well it`s not just lately. It`s been months now. But anyway, I`ve decided to post the stuff that I make here. `Cause I gotta keep this somewhere right? So here goes: a makeup inspired by Katy Perry`s recent look as the smurfette. I love the colours she`s wearing, though they are not something you`d wear to go anywhere that`s not remotely crazy (does that make sense?)

The inspiration photo (from

And my version:

I made this look a little more "wearable" even though I did not wear this to go anywhere... yet. This look would be awesome with some nude lips.

Products used:
Cobalt blue and light blue eyeshadow from a 120 colours eyeshadow palette. (BH cosmetics)
Maybelline "Emeraude" eye pencil
L`Oreal lipstick in "Vagabond Mauve"