Saturday, 22 October 2011

There`s no such thing as a "happy belated birthday"

There`s no such thing as a "happy belated birthday"

There`s either "happy birthday" ON the birthday

or nothing at all.

If people were honest enough they would instead have said:

It was your birthday yesterday/last week/month. I`ve completely forgotten about it because I don`t care enough.
Next year I will:
1. Either set notifications because I clearly would still not remember
2. Stop talking to you to avoid the awkward "I`m sorry I forgot your birthday thing".

So it`s plain simple. Either you remember people`s birthday and wish them on the day.
Or you stop giving a damn and live happily ever after.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

About loving your job

When you hail from an HR background you tend to dissect everything that`s going around at your workplace and even about your own job.

Sometimes it`s difficult to decide whether you truly love your job or not. Frankly it`s not just about the perks but the perks form part of the decision. If you had a better office/desk/computer/toilet/kitchen would that make you happier? Or are you more intent on the content of your job, on the quality of responsibility you have or on the attitude of your co-workers? 

And when that moment comes, where you realise that you are happy in your workplace, that you truly love your job, is that feeling some sort of emancipation? 

Do you feel comfortable talking about your job, without have to brag or to enhance your importance/responsibilities at your workplace? 

If you do feel comfortable about your job, then you are really happy. But I don`t need to tell you about that.

Don`t know if you`ve heard about intrinsic satisfaction. It`s a basic concept about satisfaction that comes from the job instead rather than from the benefits derived from the job. 

And intrinsic satisfaction is the best sort of satisfaction ever, take it from me.