Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The douchebag ecosystem

You might say that I`m judging but I`d say that I`m only observing. So today I was thinking about why I hate hanging out in bars and pubs or why I`ve never been to a nightclub. Apart from the fact that the only dance I`m good at is the Egyptian break-dance, the reason is, because of the people. See, those places are made up of the "douchebag ecosystem". I hope I`m the first one to have coined the term. The douchebag ecosystem is made up different species sharing one thing in common: their love for doucheiness.

Don`t cry in horror when you enter this place dressed in jeans, tees and sandals to find people dressed in their best clothes and wearing the "bitch please" expression on their faces. You`ll try to find a seat by swerving through a bunch of clown-faced hookers, Barney Stinson wannabes who figured out that by wearing a suit you`ll think they are way more successful than anyone else. You`ll also pass by the younger ones who just wanna get drunk and who don`t give a damn about who`s bringing them home.

Then in a far corner you`ll see your friends. You`ll have a drink or two, would make fun of the douches and would decide to never come back again and to meet on the beach the next time.


  1. Hahaha the douche ecosystem. Nice term. ;-)

  2. nice post. nice illustration. apart from what you described, the music is good tho.

  3. this is so accurate. you should do a part deux to this: the queen bee and her cronies. white, black, brown, yellow....the queen bitch attitude and the simpering cronies are a universal symbol of how women can be so daft at times.