Sunday, 1 April 2012

Games and fun

Today`s April fool. As much as I love fun stuff, I`ve never been able to have fun on this day. This may be attributed to the fact that I`ve never really been able to "fool" anyone on this day.
So you might guess that April Fool is not something I`ll give a try soon.

But this post is about games and I`m sure as hell going to talk about it.

Lately my game-ambitions have been very much inspired by How I Met Your Mother, yeah that TV show. It`s actually really fun to play "drunk or kid" where you tell stories of how you did something crazy  and people have to guess whether you were drunk or a kid.

Here`s one for you: Once with my best pals we played in the pirate-themed park at Caudan and I was stuck in a sort of little window, my head inside the ship and the rest stuck outside. People from outside or on the road could see me hanging there. I spent quite some time hanging there. I don`t remember what happened next. Drunk or kid?