Monday, 2 April 2012

How to get rid of an addiction

As a control freak, I tend to despise addictions. Addictions make you lose control, they sweep you off your feet and awaken your senses. They bring that massive rush of endorphin that makes you want for more. They take you to a wonderful world where nothing else ever matters. That rush is evanescent though, it fades away some days later and leaves you with a feeling of withdrawal. That`s when you go about doing stupid stuff, undermining your ego in the process, in order to feel that again.

So recently I`ve got an addiction, that`s very hard to contain. Not that I`ve tried much to contain it. But today I decided that this has got to stop. Since people usually use Mondays as a starting block, here I am dudettes and dudes... 

P.S: It`s just a chocolate addiction, the usual...


  1. It used to be Coca for me...the last time I had a sip was...last Thursday...since i've been clean :)

  2. mine's perfumes-still addicted.they say to get rid of an addiction we need to replace it by another addiction. i tried dental care products-they are my new addiction.