Friday, 20 April 2012

Why people don`t care about what`s going on in Calodyne

Lately there`s a buzz (or is it just me?) about what`s going on in Calodyne. Put briefly, some investors are constructing a hotel and pumping sand from the sea (whilst this is illegal since 2001). Quite understandably, fishermen are protesting. In an ecological viewpoint, I totally support the protests. But the point of this is not to talk about my stance. It`s to make you know why people don`t care about what`s going on.

Picture this: You live in Calodyne, you`ve got a cozy home, a huge pool, 1 sedan and 1 SUV or offroader. You live within the confines of your yard. If you wanna go to the beach, you`ve got Pereybere and that too, you wouldn`t wanna mingle with the populace. The beach at Calodyne ain`t a real beach for you. Would you care if it`s gone? No. Would you care about a damn hotel located 500m from your home? No. Would you care if there`s a strip-club nearby? No, unless if you`re a regular client. 

How to make the people care?
You see people at Calodyne value the little things that make it an awesome place. For instance take the uncoal-tarred road. They don`t want the roads leading to their home paved. It`s so cool to drive your offroader home. It makes you feel like Indiana Jones and you don`t wanna lose that. Having a hotel nearby would take that away from you, if they decided to get your street paved. Having a hotel nearby would mean changes in the region and they wouldn`t want that.

It`s all a question of perspective, dudettes and dudes, you don`t go about telling them about the ordeal of fishermen, they don`t care. Tell them about what they might lose if the hotel is constructed and see what happens.


  1. Totally agree with you. It's all about how you communicate. People have, like, building blocks and you have to connect to that.

    Neil deGrasse actually explains that really well :

  2. Yeah, "it’s the facts plus the sensitivity, when convolved together, creates impact."