Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Why you should get your own mind

Recently (or is it because I`ve started caring?) my Twitter feed and Facebook page is being flooded by random quotes and/or "witty" thoughts about friendship, relationships or life itself. Those quotes are often accompanied by images that I gather are there just in case you didn`t get what the message is about. On Twitter, those messages take the form of "retweets" of random/anonymous/seemingly meaningless accounts such as "daily-random-in-your-face-inspiration-quotes".

What`s the deal with inspiration quotes anyway? Who the hell is really inspired by those? You know what`s my idea of an inspiration quote? It`s anything that`s going through your mind at the moment that you are inspired into doing something and that`s it. It`s not some random quote about "life being a tree or about motivation coming from the heart or happiness being the key to the soul". These are so random that they become utterly ridiculous.

So why should you get your own mind? It`s simple: If you feel the need to constantly speak what has already been spoken and to "borrow" quotes from people, at the end of the day you end up being nothing but an empty shell, deprived of all willpower and ability to form words on your own. I know said like this it sounds serious, but it really is. What makes a person (especially on the internet) are first and foremost the words that the person speaks. Get your own mind, make grammatical mistakes, it`s OK. You might not turn out to be as witty/sarcastic/funny as you intended to be but those will be your own words.

Nothing is as liberating as speaking your mind with your own words. Absolutely nothing.


  1. When I look at my Facebook wall, I realize most of my female friends are depressive.
    That one had to come out someday.

  2. totally inspiring! May I borrow a few quotes from this article? ^^

    no, seriously, I think you're right, but luckily I've noticed that the age range of those posting such inspiring quotes are usually teens. I hope they don't get 'ganked' in the future or become the sheep of TV and society.

    What is actually bad is that there so many things around us that do not promote thinking anymore, e.g. 'music'

    I guess that as thinkers, writers or 'artists', we have that responsibility to educate the younger generation to lead them to independent thinking

  3. Awesome post :)

    Those quotes are supposed to be inspiring you for the best. But they do the contrary. They promote an image/illusion that is really off the reality.

    For example, there are lots and lots of quotes which define true friendship and so on. A reader is expected to improve himself by being a better frind e.g. by giving more attention to his friends etc.

    What happens in reality is that he starts to see whether his friends fit into that quote. If they don't, well it starts getting really bad.

    Friendships, which was once founded on the positive attributes people had, is now being based on whether your friend has attribute X and Y according to the quotes. It is totally ruining it.

    We really need to get out of this 'Copy & Paste' attitude